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get to know ekipa

Specialist of custom-made safaris

Ekipa travel was created to share our passion for travel. Head over heels in love with our home country, Namibia, it is our prime goal to help you discover its wonders.

Pulling away from the current model of travel nowadays, we wish to come back to basics, when maps where your mean of orientation and locals your “lonely planet”.


Traveling slowly, taking the time to appreciate and “soak in” the places you discover. It is important to highlight that you will have a personal designer that will be your representative from the moment you contact us, to when you come home. We are a local one-stop shop with no middleman, focusing on personalised service.


With years of local experience in creating and organising safaris, we understand no trip is the same and adapt each safari to your needs.

who we are

Everything in Africa bits, but the Safari bug is the worst of all.

- Brian Jackman


Safari… A word that evokes magic, right? The Swahili word for Journey and it is very fitting have a specific word for an “African Journey”. As anyone that has travelled to Africa will tell you Everything in Africa bites, but the Safari bug is the worst of all – Brian Jackman

At Ekipa we strive to make every Safari memorable, that is why all our Safaris are tailormade to your desires. This means that together we will create the trip of your dreams. We are here to guide you along the way and share our extensive knowledge of the destination.


Avoiding mistakes made by travellers that book directly without knowing, travel distances, road conditions, accommodation standards or quality of activity providers for example.

You are the artisan of your own Safari.

Get to know Ekipa travel 

how will my safari be organised?

Choosing to go to an unknown, off the beaten path destination can be daunting, that is why we are here to guide you every step of the way in the creation of your personalised itinerary.

First of all, take the time to browse our website and soak in the possibilities. The next step will be to contact us, we will then get back to you and organise a phone call to discuss in depth what your needs and wishes are or if you prefer, we will contact you by email. 


From there we will send you a bespoke itinerary and make all the reservations, bookings and arrangements once you have approved, your trip. 

From there one its countdown time to your departure date!

What we offer

Travel Conciergerie 

Who doesn’t like being taken care of?

Personalised and customized services to fit your needs and wishes for a seamless travel experience.
We excel in travel planning and stand out by providing real-time information and can organise/book everything beforehand.

From, making restaurant reservations, booking accommodation and transportation (cars, airplanes, boats, etc.), arranging for spa treatments, recommending our favourite handpicked activities with trusted outfitters, coordinating special request for important dates like wedding anniversaries or birthdays, procuring of Visas if you require them in advance.


With 24/7 telephone support, we are always reachable while you are “on the go”.

what we offer


Your Honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime. It should be nothing short of romance, unique experiences, privacy and attention to detail.

Starting your day with champagne breakfast after a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the oldest desert in the world, private bush dinners under the stars, or honeymoon suites you wished were your home.

Let Africa work its romantic magic for you.


Luxury travel is about pleasure, time and exceptional experiences. Regardless of destination or location it is the warm, sincere and personalized service that differentiate a luxury travel experience.

Being in the bush does not mean you have to give up on comfort, intimacy and exclusivity and Southern Africa is abundant in accommodation, excursions and experiences that cater for just that.


Short on time or simply don’t want to spend too much time on the road? Then this is the option for you. You will be able to discover the landscape from a birds’ eye view. It is also the best way to access the most far-flung and remote places of Namibia.


The usual Flying safari Plane is a Cessna 210 with fixed wings above the windows making it perfect for photography.


Travelling with our children ourselves we know how important it is that everyone has a good time.


Pacing the holiday at a comfortable rhythm, making sure the children can let off steam in the pool while mum and dad have a relaxing drink or having family friendly rooms to enjoy the night sky while the children are sleeping close by.

Travelling independently or Guided

Namibia is a safe country with a good road network and excellent car rentals, this makes it a perfect destination for those who wish to travel more independently and freely.


We provide detailed roadbooks and maps to make each travel day a pleasant and smooth experience. If you want to feel safer satellite phones can be booked but there is also a very good cell phone coverage throughout the country.

You can also travel with a skilled and specialised field guide that accompanies you all the way or for a portion of the trip.

These guides are highly trained professionals and real fountains of knowledge, from fauna and flora to local cultures they will enrich your travels.

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