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Hot air balloon

This is possibly one of the most incredible experiences to live in Africa, Flying of the Namib Desert or the Busanga Plains.

These one-hour flights take off just as the sun starts to kiss the horizon, all of a sudden… up we go in the air to marvel at the beauty of the scenery bellow us. This is the “Slow travel” option of flying, you breeze along and go where the wind takes you. 

Finally, surprise! After landing a sumptuous champagne breakfast awaits you in the middle of the bush you have just flown above.

Rhino tracking

There are not many places in Africa where you can see the endangered and elusive Black Rhino and even less where you can track them on foot, but luckily Namibia has a few select places that offer you this thrilling safari.


With an expert guide and sometimes even with the anti-poaching rangers that protect the rhinos you will track the spoors on the search for an unforgettable encounter.

Ghost Town

Kolmanskop is an enigmatic forgotten town reclaimed by the desert sand.


At the beginning of the 19th century it was a rich little town, with no lack of comfort, from ice factory to the little train that saved the locals from walking in the deep sand and under the hot sun to get from the bakery to the town hall for example.


It also boasted a state of the art the time theatre (the structure was imported from Europe) where European artist would come to perform, locals could also enjoy downtime at the bowling alley.


Photographers and history lovers alike will love this fascinating place.

local people

Part of visiting a new country is getting to know its locals, in Namibia there are many ethnic groups worth getting to exchange with.


We believe these moments should be about cultural exchange and done with respect, this is why we only offer experiences in authentic places where the locals are happy to share their way of life. You could learn to pound mahangu (millet) or basket weave or have a go at dancing around the fire after a day of learning “in the life of a …”

In Namibia there are also living museums, which are essentially reproduction of real villages where a local guide will walk you through the way of life of his people.


These are excellent ways of learning about different cultures without directly intruding in one’s home.

feline conservation reserves

These private game reserves are the home of scientific research centres that monitor the felines and work closely on human-wildflife conflicts. They are essential to the preservation of our African Felines and do an amazing work. Namibia can proudly say it has the biggest Cheetah population in the world. 

mokoro cruise

This is the local way to travel in the waterways of the Okavango and the Caprivi.


These wooden dugout canoes get pushed along the shallow water very much venetian style with a long stick.


Close to the water and quietly it is the best way to enjoy the abundant birdlife of these regions.

trail hiking in the kalahari

Set out on a day hike to enjoy the beauty of the Kalahari by foot.


This is the best way to also learn about tracks and all the small animals the live in the desert.


You will be able to enjoy the noises of nature, from the bird songs to the wind blowing through the “love grass” in the valleys wedged between the red rolling dunes. 

coast scenic

A scenic flight over the Skeleton Coast will really allow you to appreciate the sheer beauty of this Wild Coast.


Towering yellow dunes plunging in the vast Atlantic Ocean. The contrast of colours is simply magnificent.

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