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Unwind with

soak in the sunsets

After a long day of hiking, safari going or other exhilarating activities you just want to sit and relax.

What better way to end it than having a drink watching the sun set over another beautiful day in Africa? During the rainy season the sunsets are at their prime with isolated clouds and showers there is always a rainbow waiting to make the show just that extra bit more beautiful.


Imagine being able to have a yoga session with a trained instructor from a terrace overlooking the Bwabwata Marshes and Elephant herds.


It definitely tops the sports room back home!

spa & massage

Some spas are just more amazing than others and overlooking the Kavango river you will find one of the spas with the best view in the world; overlooking a lively river, at a comfortable distance from the hippo pools!

spectacular pools

What cries luxury more than an infinity pool in the desert? Whether in the Namib or Damaraland there are a select few spectacular pools from which you will be able to admire the landscape or continue your safari with your feet in the water.

Million star hotel

Star accreditation of hotels is full of regulations, at the end of the end it is all about the attention to detail, service and charm.


Here in Southern Africa all our selected accommodation is exclusive and enchanting. Some of the even more special Lodges will also have the possibility to sleep with real beds in a safe environment with nothing between you and the firmament.

dig your toes in the sand

The Indian Ocean is renowned for its remarkable beaches and sea life. Mozambique offers some of the best beach retreats in Africa and due to its off the beaten path characteristics it is also very exclusive.


Here you enjoy the privilege of staying small lodges allowing you to feel the sand between your toes in near privacy.

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